Expedition First Aid

Advanced First Aid Training for Expedition Leaders and Explorers

These advanced 4 day expedition first aid courses are aimed at training outdoor professionals and travellers who operate overseas in wilderness environments that are far from help.

We have approached this course with our own vast experience of leading overseas expeditions knowing what situations you are likely to face and with what kit you are likely to be carrying. To that end the course is designed for first-aiders, but because you may find yourself in some pretty remote places with few resources readily to hand, with experienced medics and trainers leading this course we go beyond the realms of traditional first aid.  We aim to give delegates on this course the skills and the confidence to face a whole host of situations from managing trauma to the very common problems of an upset stomach.

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expedition first aid training with Will4Adventure First Aid
Mountain first aid - Toubkal, Morocco

Expedition First Aid (4 days) – course overview

Day 1

Vital Signs 1 – basic information gathering
The accident procedure – primary and secondary surveys
Airway management
CPR – urban / drowning casualties
Shock management:

  • steristrips
  • haemostatic dressings
  • tourniquets 
Day 2

Head and spine injuries
Chest injuries
Practical sessions:
moving / lifting / straightening an injured casualty
helmet removal
fracture & dislocation management
the broken leg – use of improvised traction device
Pain management considerations
Soft tissue injuries
Casualty monitoring and note taking
Practical outdoor scenarios

Day 3

Diagnosis – how to take a patient history
Practical sessions:
– history taking
– Pain management 
Common medical conditions – diarrhoea and issue of antibiotics
Fever – including malaria
Asthma, diabetes, epilepsy/seizures
heat illness
Anaphylactic shock and use of Epipen/Anapen
abdominal problems (appendicitis, hernias, testicular problems)
snake bites
Rescue & related skills

  • Organising a casualty evacuation
  • Working with helicopters
  • Radios, communications
  • Improvised rescue & stretchers
  • Jungle lost procedures & search & rescue
  • Medical scenario & rescue exercise
Day 4

High and cold environments
• altitude sickness – medication & portable altitude chambers
• Hypothermia, frostbite and immersion
Expedition medical planning

  • Immunisations/antimalarials
  • Pre-existing medical cases – group work
  • Legal issues

Outdoor practical scenarios
Written exam

Price: £520

Course fee includes first aid manual and first aid certificate valid for three years.


    • Interactive hands on practical training indoors and out
    • Use of recommended first aid kit
    • Easy to follow individual course booklet
    • An accredited, recognised Advanced Outdoor First Aid certificate valid for 3 years


    • Peak District National Park / Sheffield

Course Leaders

This course will be led by Will Legon and Dr Joe Rowles.

Will has led student expeditions and treks for adults to all corners of the globe from South America to Mongolia and has been teaching Outdoor First Aid since 2010.

Joe is an Emergency Medicine doctor and former Special Forces soldier with an interest in pre-hospital, remote and expedition medicine. He is also hugely passionate about sharing what he knows!

Joe holds a Master’s degree in Austere and Military Trauma Science, Diploma in Immediate Care, is a faculty member for the Diploma in Conflict and Catastrophe Medicine and an Honorary Clinical Research Fellow at the University of Exeter where he is a module lead for the MSc in Extreme Medicine. He co-authored the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh guidelines for medical provision for wilderness medicine and is currently medical director for Survivor USA, the world’s largest reality television show.

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Guidelines for Medical Provision in the Wilderness Setting: This document was published in December 2015 in the Journal of Extreme Physiology and Medicine and is now available free online.

Mike Conlon
Mike Conlon
Have just completed a 16 hour outdoor first-aid course with this outfit. I arranged it at short notice and nothing seemed too much trouble to Will in providing details and information which was delivered in very comprehensive and professional email form. The actual course was delivered by "Stu" at Awesome Walls, Sheffield. He was an excellent facilitator with a personable manner and the expected repertoire of rubbish jokes. He delivered at an appropriate pace and was knowledgeable in answering questions. Apart from a mandatory written multi choice exercise on the first day, continuous assessment was the name of the game and helped relieve potential stress. I will certainly consider returning in 3 years time and would highly recommend their courses based on my experience. Mike Conlon
Naomi Azeez
Naomi Azeez
I recently completed an Outdoor First Aid course and found it both engaging and highly informative. I struggle to stay awake if I'm sat down for too long so the mixture of lecturing, demonstrations and practical skill checks were great. Would definitely recommend. Cheers Will4Adventure and thanks Stu for the nuggets of wisdom!
S Wild
S Wild
Excellent Outdoor First Aid course! I have attended first aid courses in the past and come away feeling overwhelmed by all the information. Not so for this course! Will made the course very practical with lots of practice of primary and secondary survey, CPR, and putting casualties into the Safe Airway Position so these steps start to become second nature. We each had a Resuscitation mannequin and defib to use, so there was no waiting turns. This was followed by practical, realistic scenarios to test our knowledge and skills. Will's explanations made it easy to work out the appropriate First Aid in different scenarios and I feel much more confident that I'd be able to respond appropriately if/when I'm next faced with a casualty. Highly recommended.
Penny McBain
Penny McBain
An excellent Outdoor First Aid Course run by Lizzy from Will4adventure. Her enthusiasm and ability to relate scenarios to real life situations that we might find ourselves in was really useful. Highly recommend this training from Will4adventure and will definitely be back when needing to renew my qualification. Thank you Lizzy.
Lucy Bryce
Lucy Bryce
A great course with lots of info and practical scenarios. Would definitely recommend.
Tim Mitchell
Tim Mitchell
Will's Outdoor First Aid course was superbly clear and well structured with plenty of practical exercises. In 2 days he covers Band 4 where many courses are only Band 3, which also means that many attendees are outdoor professionals which as an "outdoor amateur" I found to be great. I thoroughly recommend.
Sandra Schmidt
Sandra Schmidt
Stu is an excellent instructor delivering what could be a very dry syllabus with boundless energy under difficult conditions due to Covid. Informative & makes you think how to adapt first aid to real outdoor conditions. Good choice of first aid scenarios.
Sarah Brocklehurst
Sarah Brocklehurst
I’ve been going on first aid courses for more than 25 years and this is the third time I have attended the Emergency Outdoor First Aid training with Will4Adventure. This is really high quality, engaging, and effective training. I will definitely be back.
James Macnaughton
James Macnaughton
Lizzy ran a brilliant couple of days for us at Will4Adventure. They were informative, enjoyable and I'm coming away a lot more savvy and capable of dealing with all the first aid situations I'm likely to encounter as a forest school outdoor leader. Can't recommend enough!
Nanette Wraith
Nanette Wraith
I did 'Outdoor First Aid' course with Will and found it to be a really informative course with lots of practical opportunities to hone knowledge and skills. Will is an engaging, encouraging and knowledgeable with a fantastic teaching style that gives plenty of biological and anatomical background, in an easy-to-understand manner, to help cement knowledge into your brain. This course has given me confidence to perform first aid outdoors. Highly recommend.