Bangor EFA H/W Task
Diarrhoeal Illness

You’re leading your first trip to Everest Base Camp, and you are responsible for a group of ten undergraduates who are also on their first expedition to a developing-world destination. After a couple of days of negotiating the chaos of Kathmandu you survive the flight into Lukla and begin your trek.

Two days in, and one of your group admits to having diarrhoea since leaving yesterday morning. He’s having to go at least 5 times a day, it’s very watery but he hasn’t seen any blood. He says he feels a bit nauseous and has occasional stomach cramps but doesn’t think he has a fever. He is struggling to keep up with the group. He looks tired and feels thirsty but seems OK and wants to carry on. The school link teacher asks if you can give him anything to help…

Questions to consider

How do people typically get diarrhoea?

How can you help make sure that this doesn’t become a problem that spreads amongst the team?

Before you help this casualty, what do you need to check?

What course of action might you choose for this casualty?

How would your course of action differ if he is allergic to penicillin?