About Us

Will Legon on Stanage Edge 2015
Will Legon, founder and owner of Will4Adventure First Aid & Will4Adventure. First Aid Trainer, Mountain Leader, Rock Climbing Instructor, MIAS L2 MTB leader

William Legon

Will4Adventure First Aid is born from our sister company Will4Adventure. Following many years of running niche outdoor first aid courses we realised that the first aid aspect of Will4Adventure needed a space in its own right, and hence we founded Will4Adventure First Aid in November 2021.

Will4Adventure First Aid was founded by, and is run by, William Legon. More than just being a first aid trainer, as a former school teacher, and as a practicing outdoor professional Will has the skills and experiences to make first aid training interesting, empowering and relevant. To that end, when you attend one of our courses it is our aspiration to make your first aid training the BEST first aid course that you have ever attended. 

Additionally Will4Adventure First Aid employ specialist professionally-qualified leaders all of whom are professional outdoor leaders first. They all hold various NGB awards and regularly work in the outdoors. Everyone that works for us and runs courses for us, is obliged to undertake continuing professional development every year in order to be current and professional in all that we teach. Almost as important: all our leaders are spirited and passionate about the outdoors, personable, professional and hugely supportive.

Will4Adventure First Aid is also an ITC First centre. This means that the courses we run are continually subjected to external quality assurances, and the qualifications that we offer are regulated by Ofqual and SQA accreditation. 

The Team

A business is only as good as the people that run it and work for it. Fortunately Will4Adventure First Aid is blessed with a great team of leaders and instructors. Below I have listed a fraction of the personalities you may meet on one of our weekends, courses, trips or adventures. There are quite a few more you might meet, but these are the main characters you are likely to have look after you. All of them known to me for a long time and most importantly, all of them good friends too!


When Lizzy is not running outdoor first aid courses for us, she is working professionally as a mountain leader, in the UK or overseas. Recently she has also become a born-again mountain-biker (following a dalliance on the dark-side, with her gravel bike). Previous life experiences also include many hours volunteering with the scouts and exploring caves underground. Nowadays she’s more to be found above ground, working as an active mountain leader and with extensive experience leading treks and trips in the UK and overseas. Furthermore, Lizzy also loves ticking off scrambles in the Lakes and Snowdonia and every now and again she shows us she can climb half-decently too! She’s also the latest member of the team to qualify as a first aid trainer (back in 2019 now!).


With a long history of volunteering with his local mountain rescue team, Paul is by far our most experienced trainer. (And that is saying something). Paul's experience doesn't just come from his search and rescue background but also because he loves being and playing in the outdoors. He is the consummate adventurer: walking, climbing, skiing, paddling ... or just dragging tyres behind him, training for the next biggie! And like all of us, Paul is also a qualified Mountain Leader, and has walked and climbed since he was young including extended visits to New Zealand, the Canadian Rockies, Norway and Iceland plus ski expeditions to Svalbard and Norway. With Paul in front of you, you are in for a feast! Stand by, pin those ears back and enjoy all that he has to share.

Rock climbing in the Llanberis Pass

In a previous life Stu was an English teacher in Sheffield. Nowadays he’s a blessed man working professionally as a mountain leader, rock climbing instructor and first aid trainer. If you’re ever lucky enough to have Stu lead you on one of our adventures or courses you won’t help but be fired up with all his enthusiasm and general bonhomie. Despite his lack of height, and insistence on using Edmund Hilary’s rack, he’s also surprisingly good as a rock climber. When he’s not out walking or climbing, you’ll see him in his finest lycra running up and down them Peak District hills too. Stu has been running these courses for some years now and he always impresses me with how much energy he still has for the subject and all that he is doing. Everyone loves his animated, yet detailed, delivery of these courses.

HSE Due Diligence questions

Since 1st October 2013, the HSE has stopped issuing ‘training numbers’, to first aid training companies. This now means that the business or individual which contracts a First Aid Training Company is required to carry out due diligence on that Training Provider.

Although the HSE cannot advise you on this, it has published a list of questions that you should be asking of the provider – Selecting a first-aid training provider.

To save time, we have the questions here, along with our answers! Will4Adventure meets these HSE requirements for all of our First Aid training courses. Additionally the HSE now states that if a business requires specialist first aid training they can take an appropriate course such as an Outdoor First Aid course instead of the First Aid at Work course.

Should you still have questions about our accreditation please contact us.

Trainers / Assessors
Yes, all our Trainers have current FAW certificates. These are updated every 3 years.
Yes, all Trainers have a minimum of a PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the lifelong Learning Sector) qualification. Although many like our Director have full teacher status.
Quality Assurance

Yes, there is a QA plan. All our trainers are required to be assessed running first aid courses and verified as competent assessors. This is a requirement of both the HSE and Awarding Organisations.

Yes, William Legon is the designated person and he holds a current FAW Certificate.

Yes, William Legon holds full teacher status and is also a qualified assessor and is qualified to assess at IQA level.

Yes, all course candidates are asked to provide feedback on evaluation forms towards the end of all courses, directly to ITC and using online review platforms.

Yes, within the Quality Plan there is a defined complaints procedure.

Teaching currently accepted first-aid practice

Yes, the syllabus is taken from the relevant guidelines of UK Resuscitation Council & VAC’s. Candidate numbers are limited to 12 per course unless additional trainers are used.

Candidates of all abilities are welcome and adjustments made where necessary – although at assessment time, all candidates, regardless of ability or disability are required to reach the appropriate standard to pass.

Training syllabus

The exact contents of the courses are published on the website. Should you require additional topics to be covered this can be arranged in consultation with us, additionally trainers will also discuss specific needs for candidates at the start of every course

Yes, See above answer. We meet all the standards laid down by the HSE.